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Virtual Server Features & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
 Setup Fee

This is a one time fee charged when we setup your account.
 Monthly Fee

This is the amount that you will be billed each month.
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 Free Transfer Of Existing Domain Name

We will transfer your existing domain name to us free of charge.
 Hosting Web Space Quota

This is the amount of space that your site may consume on our servers.
 POP-3 E-Mail Accounts Quota

POP-3 E-Mail account allow you to retrieve mail from programs like Netscape Messenger, Eudora, Microsoft Outlook, or any other other POP-3 enabled mail client. Each POP-3 E-Mail account allows you to have a unique e-mail address. (eg. myname@mydomain.com).
 WebMail Access

WebMail allows you to access your POP3 email account over the web using a web browser and it also enables you to send and receive mail with attachments.
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 Spam Filters

All our hosting plans include free spam filtering. We use RBL's (Realtime Blackhole Lists) to block known spam mail servers from sending messages to your domain name. This reduces spam in your inbox by upto 80% !
 Mail Server Anti Virus Protection

All our Windows 2000 OS based hosting plans include free mail server anti virus protection.
 On-Line Domain Control Panel

Using your On-Line Control Panel you can add/edit/delete E-Mail POP3 accounts. You can also view your mail without the need for a mail viewer program.
 Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding

This feature allows you to have mail that is delivered to one mailbox to be automatically forwarded to any another address.
 Unlimited E-Mail Aliases

E-mail aliases allow you to have more than one address per mailbox. For example, you could be batman@batcave.com AND you could be robin@batcave.com. Mail sent to either alias would be delivered to the same mailbox.
 Monthly Bandwidth Transfer Quota

This is the amount of data transfer that you are allowed to transfer to and from your site. When visitors visit your site, they move data across the internet from our servers.

An extra 1GB of bandwidth transfer is € 5.00 Euro +VAT.
 Unlimited Autoresponders

Autoresponders are messages that are automatically created in response to every message received by the mailbox. You can use this to confirm message delivery or send the message sender other useful information. This is often used to notify people that an individual is on holiday and that someone else will handle the email message.
 Full FTP/CGI Access

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, allows you to send files directly to a private directory on our servers where your web site is stored. Extra accounts are useful if you have multiple people updating your web site concurrently.
 WAP Support

WAP, or Wireless Application Protocol support. By providing Internet communications and advanced telephony services to wireless devices such as digital mobile phones, pagers and personal assistants, WAP enables users of these devices to quickly and securely access information via the Internet from any location, without having to dial into a network or use a computer. For example, a sales executive who is out of the office making customer visits can use a WAP-enabled wireless device to access up to the minute mission-critical business information on the customers order status minutes before walking into a customer's office.
 24 Hour / 7 Days Access

Every customer has full 24/7 access to their virtual server.
 Your own cgi-bin directory

This is a private place to store your CGI scripts that can be run on the server to create dynamic web sites. For more information on CGI, please visit our support pages.
 Pre-Installed CGI Scripts

These are CGI scripts that are included on our systems. Form to E-Mail processing, Guestbook, Free-For-All Links page, Hit Counter, ASP clock, User Select Jump Page, IP address displayer are among the scripts offered.
 Server Side Includes Support

Your site can be enabled with Server Side Includes (SSI).
 Microsoft® FrontPage 97/98/2000/2002 Support

Your web site has the easy to use, yet very powerful Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions, allowing you to completely manage your account with Microsoft FrontPage. Note: If you use FTP on your Microsoft FrontPage 2002 extended web site, you may damage the Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions.
 Microsoft Media Player Support

You can have streaming audio or video from your web site using Windows Media Player technology. We only allow a maximum of 5MB of storage for these files.

ASP, ASP.NET, PERL and PHP4 all allow you to create dynamic web sites through scripts that are run on the server side.
 ODBC DSN Support

ODBC DSN stands for Open DataBase Connectivity - Database Source Name. Each DSN allows your web site to connect to a seperate database through ASP, CGI or some other scripting language. We also support ADO & Jet database drivers for DSN-Less Links.
 Microsoft XML Support

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language (XML) - is the universal format for data on the Web. XML allows developers to easily describe and deliver rich, structured data from any application in a standard, consistent way. XML does not replace HTML; rather, it is a complementary format.
 24 Hour E-Mail/Web Support

Our online tech support is second to none. We take pride in our ability to solve your problems quickly and easily. If you can't find the answer on our support pages, just fill out a quick form and we will solve your problem quickly.
 SMTP Mail Server

Having your own dedicated mail server means that your mail server settings will be: Recieve: mail.mydomain.com Send: mail.mydomain.com
 Comprehensive On-Line User Manual

A full manual on the use of & FAQ of your virtual server is standard on all hosting plans.
 Downloadable Raw Access Logs

All our servers keep logs of your visitors and you can download the access log for your website if you require. However, we also provide graphical reports on your website's Traffic/Hits.
 Live Graphical Web Statistics

Live web site graphical statistics allows you to see how many people have visited your site in real time. You can track everything from page hits, user sessions, data transfer, web referrals, and much more! A truly uniqe and powerful feature!
 Daily Backups Of Server Data

All our servers are backed up everyday and these backups are stored off-site. If you require old data (old versions of your webpage) from our backups we can assist you.
 APC UPS & Backup Generator Protection

UPS or Un-interruptible Power Supply means that if the mains power goes off (due to circumstances beyond our control), our servers & your webpages keep running. Our backup generators will then power our servers. This means no downtime for your website, if, and when, the mains power fails.
 Air Conditioned Server Facility

Our air conditioned server facility makes sure that all our servers are running perfectly at a constant temperature. We at WebHost.ie Ltd take all measures to ensure that your web pages are always available 100% of the time to your customers.
 Access To Shared SSL Cert

SSL is essential for taking credit card orders/numbers over the internet. It uses encryption.

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